Mozambique insists on neutrality in Ukraine w

 Mozambique insists on neutrality in Ukraine w

The Mozambican government says it will not succumb to international pressure to change its neutrality in Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

The southern Africa nation was among 35 countries that abstained from voting to a UN resolution to demand that Russia stop its offensive and immediately withdraw all troops.

Foreign Minister Veronica Macamo said the country would continue to insist on dialogue between the warring neighbours.

“We know how complicated a war is. We don’t want this war to continue. Even if we condemn one of the parties involved, it will not solve the problem. It is necessary for the parties to sit down and use responsible dialogue to overcome the problem,” said Ms Macamo.

“We have relations with all countries and we think that, in this good relationship, we must join efforts to advise the disagreeing parties to overcome the problem.”

On Tuesday, Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky indicated there had been progress in the peace talks, that are set to continue later.