Motivational: comparing oneself with others

 Motivational: comparing oneself with others

By George Sichula
He looks at his contemporaries and says, ‘we used to be childhood friends. We were classmates. I was even more brilliant than he was.

‘Now he is up there. He is only lucky, otherwise he is not that clever.’

He does not believe that they must have reached their position by a more excellent way. Or he sees his old mates and says, ‘we used to be school mates.  But now, they can’t even come near where I am. I must be brilliant.’

Comparison is an enemy of mental development. There are both negative and positive comparisons. The use of others as the yardstick of your drive towards your goal is a slow killer.

2 Corinthians 10:12

According to this scripture, it is foolishness to compare oneself with others. Don’t let the achievements of others or the lack of it set a standard for your own achievements.

You are not them and they are not you. Where they are going is not where you are going.

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