Motivational: Broken Bricks are needed


There is a time when builders start searching for BROKEN BRICKS to fill the GAPS to complete their work.

Yes some of us are like BROKEN BRICKS, we are IGNORED and thrown out and considered as people of NO VALUE to the world not fit even to serve God.

No one sees your value but a day is coming when some people will go around LOOKING FOR HALF BRICKS to make their work COMPLETE.

You are a forgotten person because of your situation.

If you look in scripture, God preferred to use people with WEAKNESSES, people like Moses, David and Simon Peter among others to the glory of His name.

Weak as you are, God wants to use you as a child of God. You are BETTER than what people think you are TODAY.

You may be a subject of discussion. Somebody could have said something that made you INFERIOR. Don’t worry. You are a product of GRACE.

When other people are throwing you away as HALF BRICK, there are other people looking for HALF BRICKS to use.

Someone is praying to MEET YOU one day. Someone is desperately looking for you. You are NEEDED SOMEWHERE TO FEEL THE GAP. You are that half brick!!! Yes you’re

John Sakala

John Sakala is a Journalist yearning for independent journalism

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