Most Zambians are in informal jobs

Forum for Democracy and Development (FDD) President Edith Nawakwi says she has noticed that most of the jobs created in in Zambia are informal, casual jobs rather than formal permanent jobs.

According to a post on her Facebook profile, Ms Nawakwi said many youth live, work, or spend much of their time on the streets, a situation she said should be a growing concern to the Government.

“Unemployment has now led to frustration and crimes. Unemployed persons to survive are ready to do anything. This has given a boost to anti-social activities and now these youth are linked in the public mind with gangs, organized crime, drug use and our young girls have adopted prostitution for survival.

“Creating jobs and incomes is crucial for development. Zambia is a rich country inhabited by the poor. Zambia is rich in natural resources but they need exploitation. Let us build the youth to drive development today, and in the future. The youth of Zambia have great potential to contribute to and drive the country’s development,” she said.