More aspire for Nchanga ward

 More aspire for Nchanga ward

By Ireen Mulenga
Nchanga Ward Patriotic Front (PF) aspiring councilor Ronald Mwanaute says he is ready to deliver and to work with the people of Nchanga because he is aware of the challenges the community is facing.

Speaking with The Independent Observer in an interview, Mr Mwanaute said he is a leader with a helping hand and should he be elected, a lot of things will change in the ward.

Mr Mwanaute highlighted some of the challenges the community is facing being security and poor garbage collection.

He said there is need to put a police post that should operate 24 hours than the one  at the Nchanga hospital that only operate from 08:00hrs to 16:00 hrs because most crime are done at night.

“Garbage collection has been challenge and we need to do a lot of sensitization stop our people from throwing garbage anyhow. If am given the mandate, I will revert to the old system of wall bins that can be collected twice or three times in a week.

“I have also observed that a lot of marketeers have run away from Banda Market due to lack of water in the toilets. Once voted in, I will discuss with the relevant authority to put a borehole in the market. I believe that once that is done, people can go back to the market instead of selling along roads,” he said.

He cited poor roads and drainage system especially in SQ (Single Quarters) and Mine Police Townships as other areas that need attention.

Mr Mwanaute said he is coming up with empowerment program aimed at empowering the women and youths.

He said the youths in the area have completed their Grade 12 but have nothing to do to raise the money for colleges.

He said the leadership of President Edgar Lungu wants every child to get educated weather poor or rich because they are the future leaders.

He appealed to the people of Nchanga to try him once adopted.

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