Morally bankrupt politicians can’t survive in UPND-SG Admin

UPND Deputy Secretary General for Administration Gertrude Imenda says morally bankrupt and greed politicians cannot survive in UPND.

In a media statement to The Independent Observer, Ms Imenda said morally bankrupt politicians like Faith Mushongo hardly fit in UPND.

She said those that are selfish and want personal gain cannot last in UPND, only the patriotic and selfless with a focus of serving the best interest of the country can survive.

“UPND takes greater exception on sentiments coming from its former Copperbelt provincial Trustee, Faith Mushongo, who has taken the bizzare path of casting our humble leader, President Hichilema’s image into ridicule.

“It is so saddening that Ms Mushongo can sink so low as to start indulging in politics of hate, malice and name calling merely because of selfish gain. We are aware as UPND that all those who have defected have been asked to read an already drafted statement to try to dent the image of the Party,” she said.

She said that it is unfortunate that Ms Mushongo had fallen into the same trap she was aware of and agreed to even accuse President Hakainde Hichilema of having issued a tribal remark which only her and the PF know.

We will no longer accept anyone to defame our President deliberately and we are as a result giving Ms Mushongo twenty four hours to retract her statement failure to which we shall commence legal action.

We are aware that deep down her heart, Ms Mushongo knows how many times President Hichilema has talked about UPND unifying the country but because of her selfishness she has accepted to sacrifice her life to prove something that is false.

“It is also unfortunate that Ms Mushongo has gone further to accuse the UPND of arming or planning to arm its youths with offensive weapons aimed at fanning violence which borders on state security. We challenge Ms Mushongo to prove this claim failure to which we shall commence legal action against her.

“We also want to make it known that the UPND has never been against any individual leaving the party and Ms Mushongo is no exception. That stated, we want to put it on record that never at any time has our humble and intelligent leader uttered sentiments bordering on UPND winning an election without the Bemba vote because he strongly believes in a unitary state in which all tribes co-exists and freely participates in the democratic dispensation of their country equitably,” she said.

Ms Imenda said that if Ms Mushongo thinks her departure from the UPND would have a negative impact on the wellbeing and growth of the party, she should take a leaf from the departure of GBM and learn that her decision is similar to moving from the flying pan into the fire.

She said UPND is a party for loyal and patriotic citizens whose goal is to unite a better country with a happy citizenry.

The Independent Observer

John Sakala is a Journalist yearning for independent journalism

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