Monze Council impounding trucks parked in unauthorized areas

 Monze Council impounding trucks parked in unauthorized areas

Monze Town Council has started impounding trucks parking in unauthorized areas to enforcing the statutory Instrument SI 20 of 2018.

SI 20 of 2018 prohibits heavy vehicles from parking in any unauthorized area and a charge of 2,500.00 penalty units is imposed on those found wanting.

Task force Chairperson Justin Chombo said the local authority embarked on a sensitization program on the need for Truckers to park their vehicles in designated parking areas.

Mr Chombo said the truckers were warned that once grace period elapses trucks found parked in town would be impounded and released after paying a penalty fee.

He said the truckers started abrogating the law and returned to their old ways of indiscriminately parking in the Central Business District prompting the council to swing into action.

“We have impounded a number of trucks since we commenced our night patrols on Wednesday last week. The trucks are only being released upon payment of the penalty fee. We are following up on some drivers who did not only break the law but went further to maliciously damage government property by destroying the clamps and going away with them. We have contacted their respective offices to ensure that the clamps are returned and the penalties are paid,” he said.

Mr Chombo said the perpetrators of this lawlessness are people who were once residents of the district or have relatives within.

This is contained in a statement issued by Monze Town Council Public Relations Officer,  Kanchele Kanchele.

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