MoH disappoints MQHZ

 MoH disappoints MQHZ

Medical for Quality Healthcare in Zambia (MQHZ) is disappointed with the Ministry of Health, Medical stores limited (MSL) and Zambia medicine regulatory authority (ZAMRA) for supplying substandard medical supplies Health facilities across the country.

MQHZ says officers involved in these matters must be held accountable and they must be suspended immediately.

MQHZ Media and Advocacy Director Francis Kangwa said it is unacceptable for the ministry of health to distribute substandard drugs and other medical supplies to the public.

“Substandard drugs, condoms, gloves and other medical supplies that failed to meet the inspection standards are posing a very serious health risks to all users and must be recalled immediately,” he said.

He said ZAMRA) and MLS must take their work seriously and should not take Zambians for granted.

“We demand that all the officers involved must resign on moral grounds for failing the Zambian people.

“We further urge all those people who used these substandard condoms and gloves to go for VCT and hepatitis B testing to guarantee their Safety,” he said.

He said the public Should Know that taking the substandard medicines have bad effects to their body that cannot be seen today but in the near future.

And Mr Kangwa said that amidst the second wave of COVID 19 Government should take a serious thought on the acceptance and use of controversial COVID 19 vaccine.

“This vaccine must be tested according to our Zambian standards so that we can assure the public its safety and gain the confidence which has been lost due to these irregularities by the ministry of health,” he said

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