MMD wrangles deepens as Chitika insults Sichilima

 MMD wrangles deepens as Chitika insults Sichilima

By Arthur Sikopo
MMD Wrangles have continued to deepen at the Raphael Nakacinda and Nevers Mumba camps differing over the holding of a Party Convection to elect new office bearers.

In a phone conversation (an audio attached below), Elizabeth Chitika, the Nevers Mumba camp National Secretary is heard shouting and insulting Elections Chairman from the Nakacinda side.

Ms Chitiki issued unprintable against Mr Sichilima who served in various capacities including that of Deputy Minister in the MMD government.

Mr Sichilima was heard to have been caught off guard by Ms Chitika who in the over thre minutes call bluntly called him all sorts of names further sealing it with branding Sichilima as lacking brains and ichipuba (an idiot).

“I am going to unleash the youths on you to see how you are going to do it. You are very foolish” Ms Chitika threatened as Sichilima calmly asked, “Mwapwisha?” “Awe nsilapwisha… you are a very foolish man” she continued.

Mr Sichilima, the Party Chairperson for elections on Friday March 6, issued a statement that the Party will have its convention in May 2020, a position that has angered the Nevers Mumba Camp.

The call was full of sentiments like “foolish old man, you don’t think, we mukalamba uwabulamano, useless…”

Listen to the audio…

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