Minister of land please help on land issues in Chingola

 Minister of land please help on land issues in Chingola
Dear Editor,
I appeal to the Minister of Local Government Charles Banda to urgently address the land acquisition corruption that has hit Chingola Council with the speed it deserves.
The current happens on the ground does not give hope to the average citizen in as far as land ownership pronouncement for the marginalised by government is concerned. The poor and women have become targets for land injustice.
It is like land ownership in Chingola is only for top council of officers, top police officers, councillors and their PF cadres who are always seen grabbing plots from people and giving it to councillors with impunity.
Even the current land audit is not going to yield any results as long as the current Town Clerk is left loose to continue playing double standards with UPND on one hand and the government of the day on the other hand.
It is disappointing to see how people have been victimised by PF cadres who act on behalf of a known PF pwd chairman to grab plots and give to him claiming that it is a council exercise. Where on earth has a pwd chairperson become a council land inspector , worse still, even in odd hours of the day?
It is like the fight against land illegality in Chingola is being fought solemnly by the Mayor alone who has so far shown a zero tolerance, those some fingers are pointing at him over the massive land sales in collaboration with some councillors along kitwe road.
Amidst all these big scams, small land deals are the ones hitting the limelight while they are busy covering their big scams. Gymnkhana is right now in a mess because people who were interviewed for plots there and even paid land charges have upto now not shown and given their plots.

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