Mines Minister halts black mountain ops

 Mines Minister halts black mountain ops

Mines Minister Richard Musukwa has halted mining operations at the black mountain by Chapamo Mine Processing Limited for failing to submit a mine plan to the Ministry of Mines and Minerals Development.

Mr Musukwa said operations at the black mountain cannot go ahead without his ministry receiving a mine plan on how Chapamo plans to conduct operations adding that the plan can only be approved by a technical team at the ministry.

He said the black mountain is a national project and everyone is interested in knowing what is happening.

He said it is important that ministry looked at the plan to know if the company was ready to start operations or not.

Mr Musukwa emphasized that the plan is important for the company to have because it is going to indicate how much material will be brought down and how the excavators will operate on top.

He said the plan is important for it will also prevent deaths that may occur at the mountain.

And Copperbelt Province minister Japhen Mwakalombe has appealed to the minister of Mines to expedite the resuming of work at the black mountain to help youths affected.

Mr Mwakalombe said the black mountain helps most youths in the district that depend on it for their livelihood.

Mr Mwakalombe added that Chapamo had adhere to government’s directive by putting up of a security fence and CCTV which indicates that they are willing to work in good environment.

And chapamo Executive Director Kelvin Tembo said Chapamo is ready to receive counsel from government as they want to do everything in order.

In August this year government instructed the Company to reorganised its structures which will enable coordinated operation at the mountain as well as conduct a geotechnical assessment by using persons who can ascertain the stability of the slag dump.

Chapamo today started its operations with the first operations being benching off the mountain.

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