Milner lauds FAZ for progressive AGM

 Milner lauds FAZ for progressive AGM

FAZ life member Michael Milner has lauded the orderly manner in which the 2019 Annual General Meeting was conducted at Mulungushi International Conference Centre on Saturday.

Milner, a former Nchanga Rangers chairman also served as FAZ treasurer in the 1970s under Alderman Tom Mtine and was also part of the 1995 interim Executive Committee.

The 80-year-old veteran football administrator said what he witnessed on Saturday at the FAZ AGM had shown that a lot of progress had been made in the organization of the game.

Milner said the various committees that made presentations during the meeting rendered testimony to how much the game had grown administratively under Andrew Kamanga.

“I have been privileged to attend CAF and FIFA congresses, what I have seen here today is progressive, we can compare, we have gone steps ahead from what was pertaining before. We used to sit in these AGM until 1 A.M or 2 A.M but what I have seen today is what I have seen in CAF and FIFA,” he said.

“The way the meeting was held, the way the association is progressing, it is very commendable. I hope that they carry on.”

He added: “Also my commendation goes to the various supporting committees that are lifting the standards of the association, the Audit Committee, the Legal, Ethics and other committees. Zambian football is going in the right direction, it is just for us now to equally perform on the pitch.”

Milner also served in the National Football League (NFL) from 1972 until it was dissolved by government following persistent squabbling.

During the 2019 AGM, the delegates approved the ten million United States dollars Chipolopolo bond after a presentation by the bond committee.

The AGM was held under the new FAZ constitution that puts the attendees at 138 while voting delegates are pegged at 89.

In the next AGM the voting block will be 86 following amendments with 132 delegates.

FAZ met the constitutional requirement of circulating documents to members 21 days before the meeting which marked a turnaround in the manner business was conducted at AGMs.


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