Miles Sampa and Max Chongu go wild in insulting each other

 Miles Sampa and Max Chongu go wild in insulting each other

Max Chongu: Miles Sampa is a useless comedian giving subjecting Zambians to boring comedy.

Miles Sampa: Max, the PF spokesperson is Mr Sunday Chanda and the Presidential Spokesperson is Mr Amos Chanda.

You are not one of the two so stop speaking as though you are speaking on behalf of PF or on behalf of the President.

You have no position anywhere.

Your CV has zero achievement.

You had a ‘Fail’ ‘F’ in English at school and want to practice your failure at school by writing nonsense on me.

Even at the Big Brother: you failed to win. Others won.

Max Chongu: Shut up just behave your age we talking about being a mayor here not that rubbish you are saying you think this is Matero were you were selling avocados.

I challenge the so called Technocrat Miles Sampa for a national debate let’s see who is going to articulate issues perfectly well between him and I this good for nothing but embarrassment persona of a mayor. Honestly President Lungu has commissioned local products before have you seen him behaving like uyu Miles Sampa.

He is useless at least I failed BIG BROTHER but I came back with LERATO whom he admired unlike him who fails to settle beer bills.

The duo was exchanging insults in ‘Real Mayors platform’ WhatsApp group.

Compare to this old audio below;

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