Michelle Kazala preaches peace

 Michelle Kazala preaches peace


Chingola constituency PF parliamentary candidate Michelle Kazala called for a peaceful campaign period so as to have free and fair elections on August 12.

Speaking after successfully filing in her nomination, Ms Kazala called on all electorates to return the PF as it has shown to be a women inclusive party.

“President Edgar Lungu has chosen professor NKandu Luo as his running mate, a woman with a lot of experience and academically well vested, she has been a mentor to many and she surely deserves the position, and I feel that she has a lot to offer the country,” she said.

Ms Kazala said the party is looking forward to August 12 when President Lungu will be re-elected so that women can be empowered.

“The hope for Chingola is continued development and growth, I have lived in Chingola whole my life, so I want to see the great city of elevated in all angles,” she said.

Ms Kazala is optimistic that she will emerge victorious, as she has massive support from women, men and youths in the Constituency.

“As the lioness does the hunting and is in charge of the forest, I feel that even being the only female parliamentary candidate in Chingola constituency, will carry the day, I feel that I’m well able and confident and a mighty woman,” she said.

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