Mhango family demand report on death of Nelson Mhango

 Mhango family demand report on death of Nelson Mhango

Following Chilufya Tayali’s revelation about the death of our son who was burnt to death last year that several people where arrested, we demand the truth from the police.

It is amazing that to date from the time Nelson Mhango was burnt , the police have failed to produce any report in regard to the young man’s death.

The nation needs to be told that the Police have failed even to release the postmoterm report to the family.

But reading Chilufya Tayali’s story on his page it seems there are certain things that have been going on in the back ground about the death of Nelson which the family is not aware about.

We demand that the Police releases with immediate effect their investigations so far in regard to our sons death.

If there are people that has been arrested so far we demand to know as a family.

The family has made frantic efforts in requesting the police to avail family with their investigations but to no avail.

Is there anything the Police is hiding from the family or they are still investigating? We demand to know.

A life was lost which is national property and the state is acting like it’s not even important.

As family we assume that Chilufya Tayali is telling the truth that some arrests have been made.

But why hasn’t the family been informed?

The family may have no option but to sue the state to demand for the truth to come out if we are not furnished with the demanded information.

It is also important to correct the notion that Nelson Mhango was not a Jerabo, but was working a job and had a very good record at his work place and had no single criminal record.

The question is what is Zambia police doing in terms of investigating issues like that in terms of Nelsons death and many others that die a natural death?

Do we need to assume that the Police have concluded the investigations and a hiding or shielding something?

All we want to know as family is what is their investigation over this matter.

Victor Kalesha


The story of Spax has nothing to do with the Gassing but rivalry between and among gangs (Jerabos) in the Copperbelt especially in 2018 which left one of the gang leaders by the name of Isaac Chiwasha, popularly known as Debra Richie, burnt in his house.

The following year, which is last year, in May 2019, another Jerabo by the name of Nelson Mhango was also petrol bombed by a rival gang in Chiwempala Township.

Several Jerabos were arrested in relation to the two deaths but the crimes have been under investigation to-date.

Spax is one of the gang leaders in the Copperbelt, particularly in Chingola and he has been arrested in relation to these cases. It is suspected that he could have sponsored the arson.

In spite of his connection to the high rank and file, Spax was arrested on 26th February in Chingola and brought to Lusaka because he is has a huge following in the Copperbelt.

It is not true to suggest that, Spax is being protected by the PF leadership because he has been arrested and he is being treated like any other citizen, which is commendable to the Police and the Govt.

I think President Lungu has stood by his words, that he will not spare anyone who breaks the law, which is why we have seen some Ministers being questioned by the law enforcement agencies.

Others have even been tried and convicted, while others have been acquitted. Currently, we have his former Spokesperson, Amos Chanda defending himself in Court for corrupt charges.

Let’s be fair in our accusations.



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