Media should be bought-community

 Media should be bought-community

The media should not be bought when it comes to matters affecting the communities.

Community member from Chabanyama Annie Zulu said most times when the media report on issues of the community they side with the leaders than them.

She said instead of putting the important issues affecting the community first they just come at the bottom of the story and the rest it is what the leader said.

And Action Aid Project Coordinator Brian Moyowanyambe said people in communities and the media should strengthen their relationship and work together to impact lives.

Mr Moyowanyambe said media gets first-hand information, hence people in communities should inform them on issues on the ground.

He was speaking at an interactive workshop with the church and the media in Chingola to see how the two stakeholders can come in and help on community based issues.

Mr Moyowanyambe said that the media should report what is seen on the ground and not based on hearsay.

He said the people should be put at the center stage of the happenings in their communities as they are the ones who are impacted negatively or positively.

Meanwhile, Memory Makasa Coordinator for Zambia Extractive Industry project highlighted the two cases that they are tackling in Chingola.

Ms Makasa said at the moment they are looking in the cases of water pollution in Shimulala and the issue of cracked house in Tsopano area of Nchanga North.

She said the issues have been around for long and need to be concluded in the earliest time possible.

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