Media revenue declining-Expert

 Media revenue declining-Expert

A media Trainer Linda Hervieux says media revenue is declining because of digital age.

Speaking during a two days media workshop organised by the American Embassy in Ndola, Ms Hervieux that it is becoming harder to make money for media houses.

She said digital age especially social media and websites were drastically killing the traditional media such as radio and newspapers.

She said most businesses prefer to advertise on social media and Google thereby making it harder for media houses to generate needed resources.

“What we need to do is to use the tools we have. One of which is verification. Verification of news amid fake news is a vital tool to keep your advertisers.

“We should always remember that Journalism is a discipline of verification. So we need to continue to feed them with their,” she said.

However, she was quick to point out that bringing social media clamp down is as good as muzzling the freedom of expression.

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