Media practitioners implored to fight social injustice from leaders


By Raphael Mulenga
The Independent Observer Founding Editor John Sakala has implored media practitioners to rise to the occasion and fight injustice perpetrated by leaders in government.

Mr Sakala said Journalists should cooperate and support each other towards social injustice and attacks from leaders.

He said if one Media institution is attacked other Media Institutions should rise and offer solidarity and support to counter the perpetrators of attacks on Journalists.

Mr Sakala said the role of the Journalists is to advocate for change therefore the need for Journalists to ensure that they execute their duties to society without fear or favour.

He noted that the verbal attacks Journalists are being subjected to should not be tolerated but advised that Journalists should remain strong and give the community what is factual.

Mr Sakala has since called on the Media to begin a campaign on all social Media platforms aimed at denouncing any attack against Journalists adding that leaders issuing attacks and threats are tasked to serve the people who elected them into the office.

Mr Sakala was speaking at the ongoing  Capacity Building Workshop Journalists on Investigative Journalism on Mining and Human rights violations in Mufulira this morning held at Davinci Motel.