Media is key in HIV/AIDS clinic trials

 Media is key in HIV/AIDS clinic trials

Journalists have a key role to play in the HIV Vaccine Clinical trials and research.

Zambia Emory HIV Research Project (ZEHRP) Director William Killembe said that there is need for collaboration with mutual understanding between the media and the medical experts.

Dr Killembe said that sometimes there is fear from experts that the media may present some findings at premature stage to the public thereby causing chaos.

He said that the ethical conduct in a clinical trial is a requirement that promotes a responsible conduct of useful clinical research.

“Ethical principles that guide research provide a responsible and progressive understanding of intervention in human health. Working together with the media it will minimize the possibility of exploitation and ensure that right of participates are respected.

“This will also maintain public trust to show that the research being done is ethical,” he said.

Dr Killembe said this during a media science café on ethical conduct of HIV/ADIS vaccine trails organized by Zambia Institute of Mass Communication (ZAMCOM) in collaboration with the Zambia Emory HIV Research Project (ZEHRP) held in Ndola.

He said the purpose of the Café’ was to enlighten journalists on ethical conduct during the HIV Vaccine Clinical Trial.

And ZAMCOM Public Relations Officer Lorraine Mwanza told Journalists to increasing the knowledge on health issues elaborating experts’ knowledge to the public.

Ms Mwanza who is an Advocate of ZEHRP said the media should enable the public to help clearing the myths and misconception that can arise from the clinical trials especially on HIV/ADIS trials.

She said accurate reporting on what the expert had communicated and highlighting stories of people living with HIV will strengthen the relationship.

“The media should challenge the social harmful norms. The most important part about clinical trials is safety of the subject as the benefits should way more than the harm,” she said.


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