Meanwood Ndeke – Kampasa and Airport roads in state of emergency

 Meanwood Ndeke – Kampasa and Airport roads in state of emergency

By Elarm Chalusa
The residents of Meanwood Ndeke and Kampasa are already beginning to experience difficulties with accessing public transport as minibuses continue to shun the place owing to the bad state of the main road there.

In the morning, one may have to cover up to 2.5km to access minibuses who prefer to be on the tarred road further away in phase 2. Occasionally, especially when it is dry, minibuses still reach Kampasa.

When returning to Meanwood Ndeke, one has to board a minibus, from Chelstone.

Those who live in phase 3 near Kampasa are disadvantaged again as minibuses do not reach Kampasa when the roads are water logged.

Understandably so, there are just too many potholes and a host of ‘semi-dams’ especially between phase 1 and phase 2.

So minibuses follow the tarred road towards phase 1 and then connect to phase 2.

That is where Phase 3 dwellers end up being dropped instead of the Kampasa road which takes them closer to their residences.

Again, depending on the minibus driver, one is occasionally lucky to be dropped on the Kampasa Road at the right spot.

Others still use the tarred road and then join the Kampasa Road via Alwima Clinic.

We call upon the minister of Roads and Transport, the area Member of Parliament, the Mayor and Counsellor to see to it that the road is at least filled with crusher-stones to just make it passable.

The tear and wear exacted on vehicles that side is unimaginable. There is a huge population that side and the degree of inconvenience and suffering is palpable.

It is rainy season now so we can only speak of crusher stones as a temporary solution. Of course, in the long term, those concerned should tar the road.

The airport road is badly patched. Motorists always have to meander about for smooth spots on this extremely busy road.

May the concerned drive there soberly, reflect on the state of the road and take action quickly to save lives.

Not to worry about the image first time visitors make of us as they leave the airport to enter our first city by road.

If not attended to urgently, the matter will be escalated directly to state house.

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