MDC will contest August elections-SG

Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) Secretary General Lucky Mulusa says the party will go on to contest the August elections unless the people say otherwise.

Speaking during a briefing, Mr Mulusa said the party will next month hold its elective conference with observance to COVID-19 protocals.

“The MDC will be holding its Inugural conference on 17 March and it will be done in 11 centers across the country including the secretariat,” he said.

He however said the proposed cyber bill can be an oppressive tool in the hands of the PF.

“We do appreciate that there are some nice clauses in the cyber security bill but given the history of the PF abusing yhe public order, we feel it gives alot of room for abuse from the government,” he said.

“The trend of dishing out monies does not disadvantage the opposition because the MMD tried it but they lost elections but it distroys the model of elections and democracy and it shows miopic thinking of some leaders.”

He said the PF governmnet should level the playing field.

“We hope going forward the PF will not use the covid protocals and pubkic order act to disadvantage other political players. Disadvantaging other pokitical players gives room for the people to rise up and this does not give in to the best leadership,” He said.

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