MDC joins Kabwata campaigns to boost Tayengwa support

 MDC joins Kabwata campaigns to boost Tayengwa support

By Staff Writer 
The ruling UPND has received a huge boost ahead of February 3, Kabwata parliamentary by-elections as Movement for Democratic Change-MDC-an Alliance partner has joined the on-going campaigns.

The move comes barely a day after Nevers Mumba-led New Hope MMD members led by party Vice President for Politics, Reuben Samboh joined the re-launch of the Kabwata campaign, yesterday.

The gesture, according to MDC SG, Lucky Mulusa, is aimed at boosting UPND’s chances of scooping the vacant Kabwata Constituency parliamentary seat.

In his speech at the same event, UPND Secretary General, Batuke Imenda charged that UPND’s victory in the just-ended Liangata in Senanga and Sokontwe ward in Milenge was a sign of the confidence that the people of Zambia has in the UPND.

“Allow me to thank the people of Milenge and the people of Liangati for making history. This shows that when the people of Zambia rejected the PF, it was not by fluke. We should not allow ourselves to go back to the rotten system of the PF which led to misery amongst our people. Let us not forget the numerous crimes committed by the PF such as the gassing of citizens and gunning and arresting of political opponents. They want to come back and finish you,” he said.

Mr Imenda pointed out that there were a number of successes that the UPND-led Government has score in its 5 months in office that should encourage the people of Kabwata to elect a lawmaker from the ruling party.

MDC Vice President for Politics, Renard Hikaumba said that the people of Kabwata should not be intimidated but should rather rise to the occasion to replicate the  August 12, 2021 heroics where they ushered in the UPND-led New Dawn administration in office.

He said the will power that the people of Kabwata exhibited by voting for UPND after they refused to be “cowed” and “intimidated” should be replicated on the 3rd of next month.

He charged that the achievements that the UPND-led Government has so far made in its first 5 months in public office should motivate the people of Kabwata to vote for a UPND parliamentary representative next month.

And UPND Chairperson for Labour and Social Security, Godfrey Beene has warned the people of Kabwata not allow the past regime to continue on its trajectory of continuing to rob Zambia if its wealth.

UPND National Trustee, Grace Chivube charged that it would be suicidal for the people of Kabwata to elect people who have a “dark” history of stealing from the people.

Earlier Mr Tayengwa passed through Kamwala market where traders ululated praising President Hichilema for the peace they are enjoying.

Alice Nachilembe

Alice Nachilembe is a Journalist who yearns for a better country with leaders being accountable to their mandate without oppressing the governed.