May next year, it will be goodbye to load shedding-Nkhuwa

 May next year, it will be goodbye to load shedding-Nkhuwa

Energy Minister Matthew Nkhuwa says government has taken sufficient measures to end load shedding by May 2021.

Speaking with The Independent Observer in an interview, Mr Nkhuwa said the first power generating turbine at Kafue Gorge Lower will start running next month in October 2020.

He said the turbine will produce 150megawatts of power and then in December another turbine will be commissioned with equal generating capacity.

“The fifth and last turbine will be commissioned in May next year, bringing the total megawatts produced from one station to 750mw. Our deficit as a nation is 810mw and once we inject in 750mw with other solar and wind projects we shall safely say goodbye load shedding,” he said.

Mr Nkhuwa said construction of power projects is a mega projects requiring sufficient time and resource and the investment made by his government was now paying the dividends.

The Independent Observer

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