Matthew Nkhuwa opens a police post named after him

 Matthew Nkhuwa opens a police post named after him

Chingola Member of Parliament Matthew Nkhuwa has officially handed over the ‘Matthew Nkhuwa’ Police Post in Chingola.

This is the third modern police post which Mr Nkhuwa has built and handed over to Zambia Police within the five year term,  others being Riverside and Mutenda police posts.

Speaking during the handover yesterday, Mr Nkhuwa who is also Energy Minister said he was impressed with the police because they register positive results each time they were given something.

He said in Riverside crime has come down ever since the police post was built.

“During gassing, police had complained of mobility and as soon as I mobilized two Toyota Hiluxes, gassing was no more. I’m sure even with this police post, the officers will register positive results. What has pleased me the most is the police post has been named after me, most people are honoured after their death as such I count myself among the blessed ones,” he said.

He said the police post was built at the cost of K550, 000 while the furniture was donated by Matty Investments which is his own firm.

Mr Nkhuwa implored the community to work with the police to ensure they report crime.

“It is disheartening that between January 1, and February 28, 2021, over 23 transformers for Zesco had its oil drained. Once oil is drained from the transformer it means the transformer has stopped working. Meanwhile, one transformer cost not less than K400, 000. The people who steal transformer oil live with us and some of us buy transformer products from them yet we don’t report them,” he said

He said during his term, he had focused on security, education, health and spiritual wellbeing of the people.

In receiving the police post, Copperbelt Deputy Commissioner of Police Bothwell Namuswa said the opening of the Matthew Nkhuwa Police Post means an extension of the arms of the law.

Mr Namuswa said the police post means people will not walk long distances to report crime.

He implored police officers to uphold constitutional mandate they have of preventing crime and be of good character.

The Deputy Police Chief directed Chingola Police Chief Patrick Mutti to ensure that the Matthew Nkhuwa Police post is titled.

He advised the community to work with police in combating crime, hence the call for the community to join as neighbor watch to provide sufficient manpower.

“So far two other police posts have been handed over to police by Mr Nkhuwa. As the population is growing, we are delighted that we have law makers who are dedicated to meet the growing needs of policing.

“Like Mr Mutti earlier said that the community must avoid venting their anger on police structures if they are aggrieved, I must state that such infrastructure come at a huge cost” he said.

In his remarks Mr Mutti had lobbied for proper water reticulation at the newly police post, transport and houses for the officers among the many things.

And Nchanga Member of Parliament Chali Chilombo who was offering solidarity to his counterpart said he was proud of the achievement scored by Mr Nkhuwa.

Chingola Mayor Titus Tembo said the police post will restore peace in Chikola

Mr Tembo told the Police command to take ownership of the land since the newly opened police post has a lot of space for construction of police houses and general expansion.

He told the residents that the property was theirs, aimed at serving them better.

He said the Council approved the naming of the police after Mr Nkhuwa in order to recognize the so many developments he has achieved.

“His contribution to this Constituency will ever be remembered. He has made several sacrifices and goodwill to achieve using the Chingola Constituency Development Trust (CCDT) and this has given people trust. We have seen that severally he uses his own money to achieve more,” he said.

And speaking for the people, Chikola Ward Councillor Martha Chanda said the community had lost lives while others had been injured without the police post.

During gassing Chikola was worst hit with attacks especially the Chikola Loop area.

The hacking of two to three families started in Chikola Loop area.

Ms Chanda said she cried and yesterday her cried had been heard through the newly built police post.

“I thank Mr Nhkuwa for his recently efforts to ensure that the police post is done. To the community this is your property. Let us work with the police to maintain law and order. I need also to say that the Police will need transport because the catchment is vast.

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