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By Staff Writer
Four hundred and fifty six (456) pupils from Grade 1-7 were sharing a 1×2 classroom block, thereby making learning unpleasant.

This made the community improvise a makeshift 1×2 classroom made from offcut timbers which was susceptible to all weather conditions.

Christopher Sakashi one of the parents who has children at the school said after looking at the vulnerability of the situation, the Parents Teachers Association had asked the nearby churches to be turned into classrooms and it was done.

Sadly, the pupils started destroying church property and the three churches namely, CMML, New Apostolic and Fire Baptised disengaged the classroom arrangement.

Mr Sakashi said parents started making financial contributions to build a 1×2 classroom block but again, the works stalled because the community became fatigued with financial contributions.

And at the time they were almost losing hope, Chingola Member of Parliament Matthew Nkhuwa came to their aide and took over the project under the sponsorship of his firm Matty Investments.

Within the shortest period of time he lobbied the Chingola Round Table to help in building a 1×3 classroom block.

After seeing how needy the school was, the Chingola Round Table also lobbied Siksha Foundation for a fourth classroom block.

In record time of three weeks both Chingola Round Table led by Fred Matandiko and Siksha Foundation led by Hemant Desai had complete their respective projects.

Within a twerk of an eye, the school which had one classroom block has two well-furnished classroom blocks equipped with desks.

The fourth project which is at roof level being undertaken by Matty Investment, will now be completed by Siksha Foundation.

Bethlehem Mwale who was a community builder for the project said he was impressed with the way their MP had responded to the plight of the pupils.

And Mr Nkhuwa who is also Energy Minister said his main job is to lobby on behalf of the people of the constituency.