Markets, bus stations management board formed in Kitwe

 Markets, bus stations management board formed in Kitwe

Minister of Local Government has appointed the first ever markets and bus stations management board in Kitwe.

The board will oversee operations at Chisokone, Ndeke, Nakadoli, Buchi Kamitondo markets as well as Kitwe Main Bus station (KMB) and Oxford bus stations.

KCC Assistant Public Relations Manager Lidah Kamanga said the functions of the management board will include formulating policies and guidelines.

Ms Kamanga said this is for the maintenance and management of a particular market, group of markets or bus stations under a management board.

She said the board would be presenting to the Minister, for approval, an annual update of the business plan for the market or bus station, where necessary.

“Other functions are providing services such as, water, sanitation, security, electricity and refuse collection, to market users maintaining all buildings and infrastructure such as drainage, roads, parking and fencing of the market or bus station,” she said.

Ms Kamanga said the management board will carry out the functions of providing secure trading places for traders and adequate parking for buses, taxis and other motor vehicles.

She said the board will also preventing vending and illegal trading in the market or bus station’s vicinity and establishing and implementing adequate measures to ensure protection of the property of the market or bus station.

The orientation of the members of the management board was conducted by the Ministry of Local Government at Kitwe City Council Chamber on Monday and Tuesday 16 and 17th December 2019 respectively.

The board members include:

Ms Diana Makwaba representing Nkana Water and Sewerage Company,  Eng. Richard Kangwa representing Ministry of Local Government; Mr Paul Mwale and Mr Poster Jumbe representing marketeers  Others are Mr Elijah Musonda from the transport sector and

Ms Nzaliwe  Chongo representing the community.

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