Maposa has my blessings-Hon Nkhuwa

 Maposa has my blessings-Hon Nkhuwa

Chingola Member of Parliament Matthew Nkhuwa says he gave his son Maposa Nkhuwa green light to contest the Chingola seat.

Mr Nkhuwa was responding to a press query following reports from other PF members that the Chingola parliamentarian had not given blessing to his son to contest the Chingola seat.

“Maposa has my blessings. All those who were contacted by the district to contest the Chingola seat had actually called me and I gave them the green light to proceed but later on the PF constituency officials contacted my son to contest the seat. This changed the whole ballgame as I have to back my son.

“Maposa is an adult and when he came to me that PF executive in Chingola wants him to carry my mantle, I straight away said yes son. My wife and I are rallying behind Maposa and if he is adopted, we will part of his campaign team,” he said.

Mr Nkhuwa said the John Zgambo led Chingola Constituency Development Trust (CCDT) has initiated several developmental projects and if Maposa is adopted it will be easier to complete.

He said Maposa has been part of the wheels of development under CCDT and him working with Mr Zgambo will be like father and son.

Mr Nkhuwa used CCDT as the vehicle to deliver development.

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