Mapalo’s killer gets 45 years imprisonment

 Mapalo’s killer gets 45 years imprisonment

The Livingstone High Court has sentenced PF Media Director Sunday Chanda’s young brother’s Killer to 45 years imprisonment with hard Labour.

Talent Nchimunya Munkombwe 23 murdered late Mapalo Chanda on 2nd September 2017 at about 04:00 hours at Kanchele Village in Chief Sipatunyana area of Kalomo.

Mapalo sustained multiple cuts on the head and hands which led to his death.

Fact before the court are that Mapalo followed up money owed to him by the accused who was engaged to buy Soya Beans on his behalf but disappeared with the funds.

The late Mapalo,26 was working as an Auditor with the Office of the Auditor General and had travelled to Kalomo to demand for his money from Munkombwe who allegedly turned violent and attacked the deceased with a shear from an ox plough.

Munkombwe escaped from custody as he was being transported to court for an appearance when he was arrested as a suspect but was later re-arrested and held in police custody.

Trial for Mapalo Chanda’s self-confessed killer started on 16th May 2018 after he appeared for mention on 7th May 2018 in the Livingstone High Court.

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