Mansa Council buys new flags

 Mansa Council buys new flags

Mansa Municipal Council has procured new flags to replace the old torn ones which attracted social media attention.

Social media went aflame saying the flags were cheaper to procure, the matter which was not fully understood.

Reacting to social media rant, Mansa Mayor Emmanuel Chungu says flags are not easily sourced on the market shelf like tomatoes.

Mr Chungu told The Independent Observer in an interview that Mansa Council had paid for the manufacturing of the flags long before social media frenzy on the flags from his Council.

“Our Council wouldn’t love to fly such torn flags at the Civic Centre.  The Manufacturer took long to deliver the flags despite payment being made in good time.

“The procurement of the same flags was already underway as we had taken note of the state of the flags and it’s just coincidental because in the afternoon we received our order from Lusaka and changed the two flags,” he said.

However, he said the new Zambian flag and Mansa Municipal Council flag are fitted and they are flying at the Civic Centre.

The Independent Observer

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