Manchava island road reconnects

 Manchava island road reconnects

The Siavonga Town Council has worked on the stretch along Manchavwa inland and Manchavwa Lakeshores roads leading to bottom road to Gwembe District of Southern Province which was cut off due to heavy rainfall.

Siavonga Public Relations Officer Gwendolyn Mchenga said that the roads which were cut off are a link to health facilities in the area.

She said the Manchavwa Inland road which was completely cut off, links the people to several cardinal destinations within the district and to Gwembe District using the Bottom Road.

And Council Chairperson Given Kwapu  who was on site with Deputy Council Secretary Choolwe Maunga and officers from Works Department said  the Local Authority has quickly moved in to work on the road so as to ease the movements of the people especially the motorists as one of the Council’s core duties  of delivering services to the people.

Mr Kwapu said the local authority will always be at the service of the people whenever its services are urgently needed.

‘’As you can see it is a busy weekend for us but we are here working just to see to it that we provide our much needed services to our people, our people of Manchamvwa inland have been cut off from other surrounding areas within and outside the district that is why we are on site to work on the road,” he said.

Meanwhile Deputy Director of Works David Pandeki Chabala said the Engineers will also take an advantage of the Grader to grade the stretch, put some stones and work on the drainages on both sides of the roads.

Councilor for Manchavwa inland Ward Parent Kalimina is pleased with the Council’s gesture for the quickest response in making sure that the road which was cut off is reconnected.