Make your clubs agricultural related-Nchanga MP

 Make your clubs agricultural related-Nchanga MP

The community of Kabundi Ward listening to Nchanga MP Chali Chilombo not in the picture during a community meeting at Kasala Primary recently. Picture By JOHN SAKALA

Nchanga Member of Parliament Chali Chilombo has implored women and youths in his constituency planning to form and register clubs to make them agricultural related.

Speaking during a community meeting with Kabundi Ward residents, Mr Chilombo said the agriculture sector is a viable undertaking for women and youths groups at the moment.

He said registering as a contractor and supplier of Konkola Copper Mines (KCM) is a business suicidal looking at the current situation in the mining industry.

The MP said that it’s easier to grow in the agriculture sector with or without capital.

Mr Chilombo said some Burundi nationals are trekking from their country to sell farm produce at Kasumbalesa while Zambian youths and women are folding arms waiting for funding.

“Most of our women are organized but are misled on what undertaking to invest in thereby making their groups and cooperatives to tumble. Let us invest in agriculture, the results are obviously good. We have perfect land and climate.

“Recently I was handing over tricycles to the youths of Nchanga who initially wanted to be using the tricycles to collect refuse on behalf of the Council but later, they saw easy money in the agricultural sector. They started transporting farm produce from the farms into the various markets of Chingola,” he said.

And Kabundi Ward Councillor Brian Banda lobbied for a modern market in his ward to simply the life of the people in his ward.

Mr Banda said the people in his ward have to travel to Buyantashi or Kabundi East to some products.

Mr Chilombo in the picture below and Mr Banda (right) were in the community to get abreast with challenges the people are facing.

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