Mabumba must apologise-DP

 Mabumba must apologise-DP

Democratic Party (DP) president Gift Kalumba is demanding an apology from the Minister of General Education David Mabumba for examination scandal.

Speaking with The Independent Observer, Mr Kalumba said Mr Mabumba must apologise for such a scandal under his nose in the history of Zambia.

“He must also assure us that this issue will not be an annual ceremony like cholera in Lusaka where every rain season, it is recorded.

“The image of our education has been tarnished by this government and this ministry locally and internationally. It is only sensible that the minister apologises for carelessness and erosion of country reputation..

“We as Democrats are demanding for an apology and a statement of assurances that next year and years after our children will write exams on time and secured,” he said.

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The Independent Observer

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