Lusambo gets 5 years for killing own mother

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The Kitwe High Court has sentenced a 28-year-old man of Lufwanyama to five years imprisonment with hard labor for causing the death of his mother who accused him of stealing mealie-meal.

Kitwe High Court Judge Timothy Katenekwa sent Isaac Lusambo of Lufwanyama to jail for killing his mother, Love Kasono on 20th January this year.

Facts of the matter are on 20th January 2018 the deceased arrived home drunk and accused Lusambo of stealing her mealie meal.

The deceased then started insulting the son and a verbal altercation ensued and Lusambo started beating and strangling the mother and later drugged her in the house because she was failing to walk properly.

Lusambo later went back to check on his mother around 23 hours and found her dead.

He was later apprehended by the neighborhood watch who later handed him to the Zambia Police. When the matter came for plea, Lusambo told the court that he understood the charge and pleaded guilty to manslaughter.

In mitigation Lusambo told the court through his counsel that he regrets what transpired on the particular day which lead to his mother’s death.

He said the incident haunts him and as such he will forever be apologetic and as part of reformation he will not continue drinking beer.

He added that had he been sober on the material day he wouldn’t have reacted the way he did losing his self control.

In passing judgement Justice Katenekwa said Zambian culture discourages children to fight with their parents and older persons despite been provoked adding that he hoped that Lusambo will have the strong will power to avoid alcohol.

” I have taken into account what has been said by your counsel mainly that you are the first offender and that your are deeply remorseful.

Had you not been drunk all this could not have happened. Upon your own admission, the state has proved beyond reasonable doubt that you are guilty as charged,” he said.