Lusaka Council is having anti-climate change activities

 Lusaka Council is having anti-climate change activities

Dear Editor,

Lusaka City Council must be taken to task for allowing anti-climate change activities in its city.

The sacred tree in the picture was cut down after some disgruntled citizen had given instructions to cut it down.

When the country is battling with negative effects of climate change, we still have some carefree citizens that continue to conduct activities to add salt to the wound and the local authority seem not to care.

I appeal to Lusaka City Council to follow this matter up apply the law.

It should also create awareness among citizens on the need of preserving trees and the environment in general.

This tree was in Northmead at the corner of Mwembeshi road and was adding beauty to the environment.

We want to see Lusaka Mayor spearheading the tree planting exercise and not remaining mute when others are conducting ant-climate change activities.

Kunda Chani
Zambian Citizen

The Independent Observer

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