Lunte local authority told fasten up CDF disbursement

 Lunte local authority told fasten up CDF disbursement

Small and Medium Enterprises Development Minister Elias Mubanga has directed the local authority in Lunte District to speed up disbursement of the funds under the Constituency Development Fund (CDF).

Mr Mubanga says local entrepreneurs and cooperatives should not be delayed in accessing the funds.

Speaking during a sensitisation meeting in Lunte district, Mr Mubanga said Government has an accommodative and inclusive agenda of empowering every citizen irrespective of their political affiliation.

And Lunte District Commissioner Joseph Chilando said the area has not received any tangible development from the time it was declared a district five years ago.

Lunte Town Council Chairperson George Chikwanda also said that the local authority has received applications from people wishing to benefit from the empowerment funds adding that the selection process has since begun.