Lungu gives Chingola marketeers another K200, 000

 Lungu gives Chingola marketeers another K200, 000

President Edgar Lungu has given Chingola marketeers another K200, 000 as seed money for their buineseses.

This is a continuation of Presidential Empowerment Fund to Chingola marketeers.

In September and August, President Edgar Lungu had sent Chingola Member of Parliament Matthew Nkhuwa to delivered K160, 000 and K200,000 respectively to Chingola marketeers as revolving fund.

Yesterday, President Lungu had again sent Mr Nkhuwa to deliver K200, 000 to marketeers at Malemba, Twatasha, Tula and Mikiloni.

The money was distributed according to the size of the market.

Malemba which comprise marketeers, copper smith, welders, carpenters among others had received K30, 000.

Twatasha which is second to Chiwempala received K80, 000 to be shared among National Traders and Marketeers Association of Zambia (NATMAZ), Marketeers and Traders Association and Association of Vendors and Marketeers (AVEMA).

He later proceeded to Tula Twakane market where he delivered K40,000.

Mr Nkhuwa’s last spot was Mikiloni where he left K25, 000.

Mikiloni marketeers had showed up when Mr Nkhuwa was empowering Maiteneke marketeers.

He instead shared the K50, 000 equally and promised to deliver another K50, 000 which will also be shared equally and yesterday he delivered.

So far marketeets of Town Centre market, Lulamba, Chiwempala, Maiteneke, Mikiloni, Twatasha, Tula have been empowered.

Women in Riverside were given K80, 000 to start chickens rearing and peanut butter making busineses.

Mr Nkhuwa implored marketeers never to share the evolving but rather use it to grow their busineses and send their children to school.

And AVEMA President Abel Chikwa was at hand to lecture his marketeers.

Mr Chikwa said respect is repaied with respect and since Mr Nkhuwa and President Lungu had shown them respect it was vital for them to repay them respectfully when the need arises.

He said marketeers are forgotten once leaders are elected to the office but this was not the case with Mr Nkhuwa who had kept on visiting marketeers and checking on them even when he was not delivering the empowerment.

Mr Chikwa told the marketeers that if they want to continue receiving the empowerment they should give Mr Nkhuwa another mandate.

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