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Yona Musukwa writes

President Lungu should just Fire Minister of Community Development Emily Kabanshi, her Permanent Secretary and all the directors and Managers associated with the Social Cash Transfer to send a very strong signal.

The Social Cash Transfer criminal syndicate is a shameful disaster. We are shamefully failing to sufficiently fund our developmental and social programs. When imperialists come in to help for their own selfish agendas, we steal the little that we are being helped with

What type of criminality is this? Our economy is characterised by criminality. Our Justice system is in the main, criminal. Our politics are also defined by criminality, in content and form. Our Churches have become havens for criminality. In our civil service, criminality is being used as means to upward social mobility.

The middle class is defined by criminality. Entrepreneurship in Zambia is nothing but criminally captured and influenced. The less we talk about other sectors the better.


Stealing from the poorest of the poor should be a treasonable offence, punishable by death.