Lungu amputates PF cadres on 20% sub-contracting policy

 Lungu amputates PF cadres on 20% sub-contracting policy

President Edgar Lungu has warned Ministers, Permanent Secretaries and party officials from dipping their fingers in the nominating and awarding of the 20% sub contracts.

Speaking at Ndola Airport before departure for Lusaka, President Lungu said the 20% sub-contract program is for all Zambians and not ministers and party members.

He instructed the provincial minister, the Permanent Secretary for Copperbelt and contractors to set up guidelines so that the bickering can officially stop.

The President directed Copperbelt Minister Japhen Mwakalombe his Permanent Secretary Bright Nundwe to be on top of the game to ensure that Ministers, senior government and PF officials from Lusaka don’t hijack the 20%.

He said he would be coming back in October to see to it that things are done corrupt free.

This is has been the official position of State House.

Recently, Special Assistant to the President for Projects, Implementation and Monitoring Andrew Chellah said the 20 per cent threshold is a government policy and no other.

Mr Chellah said that no one else is in charge of nomination and of awarding the contracts other than the main contractor.

He said the other key stakeholder in the process of sub-contracting policy is the National Construction Council.

Mr Chellah guided that all would be contractors must submit their credentials to either the main contractors or the client while NCC comes in to check for compliance of nominated contractors.

Some PF cadres have been going round trying to hijack the government program so that it can be made a party program so that they are the ones to nominate and awards sub-contracts.

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