Lundazi bridge washed away

 Lundazi bridge washed away

Lundazi Bridge has been washed away following the continued flash floods being experienced in the Eastern part of Zambia.

Road Development Agency has advised members of the general public and motorists to take note.

RDA Director Communications & Corporate Affairs Masuzyo Ndhlovu said the unfortunate development was aggravated by multiple Armco ring culverts that have been washed away.

Mr Ndhlovu said this was as a result of excessive water pressure flowing from the upstream side of the structure due to heavy rains being received in the area.

He said the crossing point is located about 175 kilometres from Chipata town and is situated just as you enter the Central Business District of Lundazi.

“Road Users and the general public are being urged to use the existing gravel feeder road branching off from the main Lundazi road at Km 159 to Zumwanda via Buleti to Lundazi town road as an alternative route. An RDA Emergency Response Team was dispatched yesterday to site to administer immediate interventions to restore connectivity at the affected crossing point,” he said.



Alice Nachilembe

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