Lubwa polls will bury PF-NDC


Opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) Copperbelt Chairman Chipoka Mulenga says victory in Lubwa by-election will bury the PF on the Copperbelt.

Mr Mulenga said that victory in Lubwa ward will also prove that NDC victory in Roan constituency was not a fluke but the beginning of the end for the PF.

He was speaking after NDC Lubwa local government by-election candidate Jonathan Banda had successfully filed the nominations for July 30 2019elections.

“Now we have successfully filed in, we are determined to wrestle the seat from PF. We have to work hard to grab Lubwa from PF. We have to prove to that the Roan constituency by-election was not a fluke. We should signal to them that this should be the beginning and end of the PF,” he said.

Speaking earlier after Mr Banda who was the first candidate to file in his nominations urged the party cadres to carry out peaceful campaigns.

He said once elected he will bring a full maternity wing at Nkana East clinic among other things.

And Patriotic Front (PF) Provincial Chairperson Nathan Chanda said PF has managed to adopt a youthful Julius Kaunda to vie for the position of Councillor.

Mr Chanda said the party understands that the nation cannot achieve its social and economic goals without the full participation of the youths.

He said the party expects issue based campaigns from the youths in the province where he expects the locals from Lubwa ward to manage the campaigns

Mr Chanda who is also Luanshya Mayor said the party understands that violence is propagated by importing cadres from other areas, hence the need to respect the local PF of Lubwa ward.

And Kalulushi Member of Parliament Kapamba Mulenga Chewe said the PF candidate will deliver on the promise as he is a son of the soil who knows the area better.

“This is not a vote of sympathy as most people would say but to us this is a candidate who we are sure will relate well with the local people of Lubwa. He is the best candidate and we give him 100 percent support,” she said.

Meanwhile PF candidate Mr Kaunda said his top priority once elected will be security in the ward by expediting works on the new police post.

He said the Lubwa ward election is a game charger especially for political parties that feel they have gotten the grip of what is going on in the constituency, claiming that the election results will be the end of some political parties.

The United for National Development UPND is expected to file in nominations this afternoon.

The Lubwa ward local government fell vacate after the demise of Godfridah Chulu who was the PF ward councilor.