Luanshya Mayor vows to create an enabling environment

 Luanshya Mayor vows to create an enabling environment

Luanshya Mayor Charles Mulenga has vowed to maintain the hope and confidence which has been bestowed on him and a team of Councillors until their duty of office comes to an end.

Mr Mulenga said they will work tirelessly to create peace, unity and an enabling environment for the growth of the informal sector.

He said his office will engage the new ministry of small and medium enterprises so that no small-scale industry in Luanshya is left out.

He said that his vision is to lead a team which will not only sustain the peoples’ hopes but work with them to turn their wishes and aspirations for a better Luanshya into reality.

Mr Mulenga said the Mayor’s office is not my office alone, it is an office for everyone and it shall remain open for complaints, criticisms, advice and support.

“I shall endeavor to consult and seek advice from all the stakeholders in execution of my duties. I am privileged to have many living former mayors who should be able to provide some guidance in certain areas whenever I’m in need of such advice,” he said.

He said the council cannot stand as an island it needs the support of all stakeholders.

The Mayor has called upon all stakeholders to work as a team to bring about the desired results aimed at improving the living standards of our people.

Mr Mulenga said he has an open door policy hence it is time to embrace each other as leaders of the town.
He said he will not condone lawlessness, laziness and corrupt practices at all costs as these vices are against government stand for.

“I want also to mention and emphasise that the mayoral office is there for developmental issues and service delivery and as such should not and shall not be used as a platform for political battles,” he said.

He thanked the immediate past Mayor Nathan Chanda, and all those who contributed toward service delivery to this council.

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