Luanshya Council to work Mikomfwa sewer ponds

 Luanshya Council to work Mikomfwa sewer ponds

Luanshya Mayor Charles Mulenga says the Municipality will work together with Kafubu Water and Sanitation Company in securing the Mikomfwa Sewer Ponds that has been posing as a danger to communities surrounding the facility.

Mr Mulenga said it is regrettable that some people have mysteriously lost lives in the ponds without the authorities knowing the actual cause of death.

He said this during a tour at the ponds; Mr Mulenga said the Sewer ponds have in the recent past been a source of concern to many Luanshya resident because of the growing number of dead bodies which are discovered dumped in the ponds.

The Mayor also said that vandalism has been taking place at the ponds citing the removal of the plates that restricted water to overflow hence the decision to have the premises secured.

He has urged the residents not to vandalize the ponds adding that they are beneficial to the community.

Mr Mulenga also urged the water utility firm, Kafubu Water and Sewerage Company to fence the sewer ponds apart from constructing a guard house placed so that the lives of the people are secured.

Meanwhile, Kafubu Water Company regional Manager Rabson Ngulube said some unauthorized people were patronizing the premises adding that illegal activities such as night fishing have been happening around the ponds.

Mr Ngulube said that swimming and feeding of the fish in the ponds is prohibited as lives may be lost.

He said that the water in the pond is not safe.

Mr Ngulube has issued a warning that once a signage post is put up, anyone that will be found around or near the premises will be prosecuted.

He said sensitization programs will be conducted in the communities to educate people about the danger of being found near such places.

And Mr Ngulube said that fencing the premises may not be a lasting solution as they have experienced theft before.

Mr Ngulube expressed optimism that once premises were fenced and security beefed up the perpetrators criminal activities would be brought to book.

This is contained in a statement issued by Luanshya Municipal Council Gideon Thole.

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