Luanshya Council nods K 120, 534,708 budget.

 Luanshya Council nods K 120, 534,708 budget.

The Luanshya Municipal Council has approved a budget of K120, 534,708:00 budgets for the civic year 2022.

This year’s budget represents an increase of 34 per cent compared with the 2021 budget which stood at   K79, 885,053:62

Luanshya Public Relations Manager Gideon Thole said that the raise in the budget has been attributed to the increased allocation on the Constituency Development Fund (CDF), which was previously K1, 600,000-0 and which now is to K 25,700,000-00 per constituency.

Mr Thole said that the budget was approved in a council meeting chaired by Luasnshya Mayor Charles Mulenga.

He said that a huge chunk of the budget has been diverted to capital projects and service delivery as seen from the Constituency Development Fund (CDF), which will gobble K51, 400,000:00.

Mr Thole said economic and business development activities will this year cost the Council   K 10,738,297:00, housing and community services allocation is K5, 883,708-00 while K5, 631,025: 00 will be used on public health and environment services

He said the activities which will be funded by the  budget also include the implementation of the  District Integrated Development Fund at a cost of K2,932,106-00, local  government service delivery related activities  at a cost of K2,614,481-00.

And, Mr Thole also said that service delivery activities budgeted for by the Council includes a K8, 218,580 :00 allocation to Public Order Safety, Recreation Culture and Religion at a cost of K1.357, 681 : 00, Education and Skills Development K472, 532 :00.

The management support system and resource mobilization management are expected to cost the Luanshya Municipal Council K28, 032,395:00 and 3,253,903:00 respectively.

Mr Thole said that the Special Council Meeting also resolved to allocate K 2,413,997-00 towards the payment of retirement benefits.

And Luanshya Town Clerk Timothy Mambalakata assured that management was set to efficiently execute the payment of retirees terminal benefits once the money was available.