Luanshya Council begins feeder roads rehabs

 Luanshya Council begins feeder roads rehabs

                                                                                By ALICE NACHILEMBE
Luanshya Municipal Council has embarked on a K2.6 million peri-urban feeder roads rehabilitation project.

The Council’s Department of Engineering has completed the road conditional Survey exercise; hence the project will see new areas open up for farming activities.

Luanshya Mayor Nathan Chanda Bwalya officially launched the 2018 Luanshya peri-urban roads rehabilitation project in Kawama Township.

Mr Chanda said the project would also help the small-scale farmers’ access market for their produce.

He said this is in line with the government’s agenda of diversifying the national economy from mining dependency to agriculture as per seventh National Development Plan (7NDP).

The Mayor has also appealed to business houses and individuals to support the Local Authority in its quest to execute the peri-urban roads rehabilitation project by donating fuel to be used in earth moving equipment.

“A total of 600 litres of diesel has been so far donated by well-wishers. Luanshya Municipal Council requires thousands of litres to successfully execute the project which will see the creation of new feeder roads and at the same time rehabilitating the existing ones.

“Some of the feeder roads which will be created and rehabilitated include Chilabula, Kamishishi, Chisokone, Mipundu, Kampelembe via Kawama to Roan’s Section 10 which links Luanshya and Masaiti districts,” he said.

Mr Chanda has appealed to residents to be patient with the local authority over delayed commencement of the C400 and townships roads rehabilitation project.

He said his office  has received queries by members of the public that demand quick rehabilitation of some major roads in the town center, Figov, Industrial areas, Roan-Mpatamato and other connecting townships which are in deplorable state.

The Mayor has assured Luanshya residents that the Central Government has begun the process that will lead into massive road rehabilitation works on the Copperbelt Province and the country at large, and Luanshya is a beneficiary of the progressive infrastructure investment.

Luanshya is expected to benefit from the Lusaka- Ndola Dual carriage way construction by having 43.5 kilometers rehabilitated from Fisenge to Masangano including welcome to Luanshya roads worked on and also a 50 kilometer under the c400 project.


This is contained in a statement issued to The Independent Observer by Luanshya Municipal Council Public Relations Manager Gideon Thole.

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