Long detention worries Lundazi Magistrate

 Long detention worries Lundazi Magistrate

Lundazi Magistrate Edward Chisanga has expressed concern over the long detention of suspects at Lundazi Prison by the State without appearing before the court for trial.

Mr Chisanga said it was not in the best interest of Lundazi Court to see accused persons languishing in   prisons just to appear in court either for mention or Plea, without subjecting them to fair justice.

He called on the Office of Director of Public Prosecution [DPP] to quickly send consent letters for the accused persons.

Mr  Chisanga  expressed  concern when the State yesterday applied for another adjournment  in the murder.

The case involves a-16-year old juveniel, Mathews Nyirenda 36, Alex Lungu 26,  Mendison Lungu all of  Kaluba village, chief Mphamba, Jackson Nyirenda of Siliya village in Chief Magodi area who  have been in dentations for three years, without trail.

He said role of courts is to discharge fair trials, not to see suspects being detained in prisons for long period of time without subjecting them to fair judgment/ZANIS.

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