Loadshedding, a Zesco gimmick to justify tariff hike

Dear Editor,

The power utility firm Zesco is a serious blackmailer and now wants to justify the suspended tariff hike application with mass load stripping.

Just because we rejected their tariff hike and Government acted in our interest, the utility firm is here with a blackmail- the introduction of nationwide four hour loadshedding on a daily basis.

Zesco says that if it continues running at the current rate, by December we may experience more blackouts.

If Zesco has no capacity they must just come out in the open and say it. So if they had hiked the tariffs were they go to manage to give us normal power supply?

Does Zesco want to punish citizens to justify their tariff increase?

Chilafuna Banda

The Independent Observer

John Sakala is a Journalist yearning for independent journalism

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