Load shedding back

 Load shedding back

Zesco Limited will start load management between 18:30 to 21:00 hours in some parts of the country effective this evening until November 7th 2021.

The Power utility’s Senior Corporate Affairs Manager John Kunda said the load management is as a result of two generating units that have been taken out.

Dr Kunda said one generating unit has been taken out at Kariba North Bank extension.

Dr Kunda said the other generating unit under repair has been taken out at Kafue gorge Upper.

“The generating unit that has been taken out at Kafue gorge Upper is the one that was responsible for the national black out that the country experienced on October 8th, 2021, the company’s engineers after carrying out detailed investigations have isolated the problem and are working to restore the unit,” he said.

Dr Kunda said that the impact of the load management will only be at peak hours.

The taking out the two units there is a power deficit of two hundred and fifty mega Watts.

And Dr Kunda said Zesco currently cannot get power from independent power producers like Mamba collieries Limited and Ndola Energy.

Dr Kunda said the utility Company is only able to get one hundred and thirty from Mamba because one unit is on annual maintenance while Ndola Energy doesn’t have fuel to generate power.

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