Livestock an important sector

 Livestock an important sector

By Ireen Mulenga
Minister of Fisheries and Livestock Nkandu Luo says there is need for behavioral change for people towards livestock as it is an important sector.

Speaking in an interview, the Minister said livestock is an important sector that has made impact and transformed many lives throughout the country.

Ms Luo said there is a lot of potential in livestock and that’s why government has pumped in a lot of money to enhance the Ministry.

She said the Ministry has put livestock on the pedal store through the leadership of President Edgar Lungu so that it can be monitored on its own.

Ms Luo said though the budget allocated to research is low, people are passionate about what they do when it comes to tasks.

She said recently they have come up with medicines  for livestock which will be distributed through out the country to prevent diseases.

Ms Luo also said that they have extended the fish ban as a way of getting wealthy and  allow fish to breed.

She said they realize that people were using bed nets to when fishing, which used to fish out even small fish which needs to grow.

Ms Luo said the Ministry has invested in all areas of livestock, in chicken rans, goats, cows fish, pigs and rabbits.

She said the government has been working on reducing  poverty reduction to over 200,000 thousand house hold towards livestock as a tool and with the help of 46.3 million grant towards the project.


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