Liquidation of KCM welcome

Dear Editor,

The liquidation of Konkola Copper Mines (KCM) by the government is welcome, things have not been alright with the mining company.

Vedanta Group of companies and its owner Anil Agarwal the Indian billionaire has been a trick star to the Zambian government.

Almost all the heavy equipment and machinery were dismantled, cut and sold to other countries in form of scrap metals.

I hope the combination of mines minister Richard Musukwa and consultant Sixtus Mulenga will bring well results to the liquidated mine.

The two know all corners of KCM. But they need a hand from some technocrats and Engineers in the mining industry in order to bring back the glory of the mining giant.

Some may ask:

Was is it an oversight that nothing was done for all the evils which were going on at KCM for many years?

Did anyone or a group of top brass in government benefit in form of kickbacks from KCM?

Was there any form of lazier fair’ attitude by some technocrats on all what KCM went on doing it operations?

How is the Zambian government going to settle debts to our local suppliers and contractors?

How sure are we when it comes to employees monthly salaries? KCM prepares salaries for employees in India.

Are salaries going to be regulated with this liquidation?

A lot can be said or written the only problem those on top management of the country ignored all what was said and written today, the water has reached our shoulders and let’s hope for the best for Chingola and Zambia in particular.

S.B Kalaba
Political Analyst