Likasi Road link to spike economic development-Katwe

 Likasi Road link to spike economic development-Katwe

The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) Katanga Province Governor Jacques Kyabula Katwe is in North Western province to discuss bilateral relations between Zambia and Congo.

Mr Kyabula Katwe says his Government has made progress in the plans to construct a Road from Likasi in Katanga Province in the DRC-Congo to Solwezi.

He said opening up of Likasi road from Congo into Solwezi in Zambia will spike Economic Development between the two countries.

Mr Kyabula Katwe said that DRC has the potential in mining activities and trucks carrying Copper spend a lot of time in transit as they use Kasumbalesa boarder through Namibia.

“We as the Congolese are looking forward to the opening up the road because it will help in the flow of goods and services also help the people have access to quick transport,” he said.

The road from Likasi to Solwezi is just 215 Kilometers which is possible to be constructed.

The Governor also said that the Likasi- Solwezi road will come with Toll Gates that will help in collecting Tall fees and improve the economy.

He said that the visibility study will take two years to be completed and the contractor picked by his government has shown interest to work.

“This road is coming with allot of benefits to the people of DRC because once the road is done it will allow my country tap electricity from ZESCO to DRC, Am now appealing to the Zambian government to work on tarring  the 40 kilometers   stretch up to the Congo border,” he said.